Surelock homes offers both a supply and fit service, and a supply only option for high security keysafes.

The keysafe that we supply is a push button high security keysafe, this is impossible to pick unlike the combination safes that are often seen around, and which alot of people have.  These combination safes are not just pickable but are only fixed to your wall with normal screws and wall plugs which can easily be pulled of with a crowbar.

Our recommended keysafes are fixed to your wall with anchor bolts, which once tightened expand in your wall making them very very difficult to pull off.

Our recommended keysafes are ideal for careworkers, cleaners or workmen and are convenient if you ever lose your keys?  The keysafe that we supply is very easy to set up and there are over 5000 different combinations.

You can change your combination whenever you like!  It is also supplied with a rubber weather cover.

For more information please contact Paul your local locksmith

on 02392 756 943