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Ever been locked out of your own home?

What about having to fight with your uPVC door lock or uPVC window locks because of residue, build-up, or just poor installation?

These are very common situations that just get increasingly annoying as time goes on. You shouldn’t have to wrestle with your doors or windows just to get them open when the weather is nice, and you shouldn’t have to risk breaking uPVC mechanisms just to close them again later on in the evening.

So what are your options? Do you replace the door? The lock? Is it possible to get it fixed? Thankfully, with our uPVC emergency locksmith service, we can professionally fix those issues like magic. The fixes are often simple, and, in many cases, budget-friendly.

upvc locksmith

Why would you need a uPVC door locksmith?

There are so many instances where you’ll want to get in touch with a uPVC door locksmith. Your double glazed door may be locked or jammed. The keys might not work. The lock might be faulty. Your handle may be loose, or the mechanisms might be sticking; there may even be a broken key in your lock – the list goes on and on. These issues can apply to your uPVC doors and to your uPVC windows, and all they need is a simple fix.

What are the signs your locks are failing?

There will be signs that your locks are starting to fail.

Getting them fixed early can save you money and work to keeping your home safe and secure.

Keep an eye out and check your locks on your windows and doors regularly so you can spot these issues as soon as they start to happen.

Main signs of lock failure 

The lock is becoming stiff

There are many symptoms that relate to this. It might become hard to turn the key in the lock, or perhaps it makes new noises that it didn’t before. Alternatively, the lock might spin without ever actually locking your door properly. In fact, if the lock acts or sounds any different than it did when it was first installed, there is a good chance that your locking mechanism is damaged and breaking down.

A lock should be easy to open with the right key, and it should be secure. If your handle jiggles, if the key sticks, and if it seems like you have to do a complicated manoeuvre nowadays to get the lock to actually work, you need a locksmith.

The door is jammed

A jammed door or window is also a good reason to call a professional locksmith. It isn’t just the lock itself that matters, after all. So if the door is jammed, you have to fight with it or even have to shove your whole body into the door to get it to open after you’ve unlocked it, then call us.
Shaky doors, jammed doors, and doors that just don’t seem to want to cooperate are no match for our talented experts. They can help fix the door alignment, fix the lock, and diagnose even bigger issues like an improperly installed door, so you never have to fight to get in or out of your home again.

What can uPVC locksmiths do for you?

Surelock Home’s uPVC locksmith services can provide assistance for any uPVC door or window. Never fight with a lock again, and improve how secure your home is – it will be better than ever before. We can do it all, so get in touch with our team if you are in need of any of these uPVC locksmith services:

uPVC lockout

UPVc lockouts are frustrating. To come home from a trip to the store or even from work and to find you cannot get back into your home is just icing on the cake of a bad day. It’s even worse if you break the key off in your lock, meaning you can’t just use the spare key to get in.

We can help, and we’ll help fast. Our experts will get you back into your home and will be able to fix or replace your lock fast and efficiently.

uPVC lock repair

If your locks are experiencing any of these key signs of failure, call us in to fix or replace your lock before you get locked out or find you can no longer lock and secure your home at all.

• Loose door or window handle
• Inability to lock
• Difficulty in locking
• Keys get stuck
• Door or window gets stuck

Upgrade your lock

Old locks aren’t secure. They can sometimes be easy to pick, but many don’t provide the same level of strength that you deserve. Peace of mind is so important, and a strong lock can give that to you.
If you are interested in upgrading your locking system, then get in touch with our professionals for a UPVc lock upgrade. The mechanism will work like a dream, and you can finally enjoy a home that is locked up tight and safe.

How much does a uPVC repair cost?

UPVc door lock repair is always going to be cheaper and faster to get done than replacing the entire door or window. In fact, replacing the whole door is the last thing you want to do.

Though the locking mechanisms and doors and windows themselves can come from any number of suppliers and brands, the mechanisms that make them work are often very similar to one another. This makes it easy work to provide you with UPVc furniture repair.

Not every locksmith is going to give you a great rate, however. Many national companies may try to charge you up to £400 for your visit, when, in reality, half of that is what you should be looking at for a worst-case scenario fix. The cost depends on the price of the locking mechanism replacement. Some can cost as low as £20 for the replacement; other replacement mechanisms can cost a hundred or more.

The good news is that you can save by ordering a replacement locking mechanism and replacing the lock yourself. This option is ideal for those with straight-forward locks. For complex locks or for those who don’t want to run the risk of changing it out themselves, our Surelock Homes locksmiths are here for you.

uPVC locksmith FAQ

Do we repair or replace a uPVC door lock?

Yes, we are experts in uPVC door lock repairs and replacements. You will receive expert advice from our trusted locksmiths regarding any problems regarding uPVC door locks or windows.

Can we repair or replace a uPVC patio door lock?

Yes, we are experts in lock repairs and replacements for all types of uPVC patio doors. You will get the best expert advice from our reliable locksmiths regarding any lock problems.





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